The Italian kiwifruit

Italy is the second world kiwifruit producer after China. In recent years the marketable production has reached 460,000 tons although it has sometimes exceeded 510,000 tons, highlighting its great production potential.
Italy exports most of its production to foreign markets, above all to the European Union countries which continue to import almost 80% of the Italian kiwifruit.

The main production region is Lazio, with almost 8,000 hectares (30% of the national surface) followed by Piedmont with more than 5,000 hectares (20% of the national surface), Emilia-Romagna with 16% and Veneto with 15%.

A further expansion of the growing surfaces is expected, since there is great interest in planting new orchards due to the business success met by kiwifruit with respect to other fruit and vegetable products.

For these reasons, it seems that time has come for this product to become more established on extra-European markets, by drafting suitable international agreements, defining shared quality standards and adopting a large-scale promotion campaign.

(Source: CSO)

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The history of kiwifruit. A long journey

The history of kiwifruit. A long journey

The history of kiwifruit starts in China, in the valley of the Yang-tse River, where it grows wild. Its Chinese name was "yangtao" and it soon became fashionable at the court of the great Khans.